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My husband is a genius

I went on a baking frenzy before I left California.  It looked like the kitchen threw up cupcakes.  I didn’t take any pictures to share, sorry, but if I did, then I would also have to admit to the giant mess that I left for the hubs to clean up.  (Did I mention that this would be a very hubs-friendly post/).

In preparation of my evening of baking, I took my butter and cream cheese to work with me so that I could remove them from refrigeration and allow them to get to room temperature in order to start baking almost immediately upon returning home.  But I also needed my eggs at room temperature and I forgot to pull those out when I got home.

El Campeon

Although the hubs graciously offered to sit on the eggs to warm them up, he put together this amazing contraption: a water bath.

I exclaimed, “My husband is a genius!”

He said something about getting his Ph.D., I don’t know, I wasn’t really listening, I was t

oo amazed by how easy it was to warm up my eggs, and how I never would have thought of doing that in a million years.  (Although, we should not be surprised by this; I am a mathematician, he’s the scientist.)  Isn’t he cute?


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