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Fight Night

One of the members of the lab hosted a viewing party for the “big” fight Saturday night. The hubs asked if I wanted to make cake pops to take with us. I said I’d bake something.

I had been wanting to try out Bakerella’s USA holiday treats since she first posted. So that’s what I did attempted.

The hubs said it would be good if I made USA cakes and Brazil cakes (since the big fight was USA vs. Brazil).

The first difficulty was determining what flavor of cake to make. I wanted something that would make a good snow cone flavor, but not necessarily an ordinary flavor. That’s when I saw one of those pesky ads on the side of Facebook advertising a margarita cake.


I found this recipe from The Cake Mix Doctor and went with it. I made 24 cupcakes and had batter left over that I put in my mini-heart silicone pans. I made 3 hearts. One of those hearts didn’t even see the frosting (lime cream cheese, to be exact).

The hubs eventually made it home, I had managed to eat another quarter of a heart and licked the frosting beaters while he was out. I iced a bit of the heart and gave it to him to try. “What is the frosting?” he asks. “Just eat it,” I insist.

He does. Said the frosting could use more lime. Several minutes later he says, “You make good cake.” He had finished the heart. I walk over to him with the first empty heart pan and said, “I know.” “You already ate 1 and a half cakes?” “Hey,” I say, “I only ate like a quarter of the second one. I had to see what it tasted like with the frosting.”

I never mentioned the beaters.

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