Exercise your right to vote

Ok Friends,

Race season is kicking off soon and we are having a bit of a difficulty deciding on a costume.  First it was because of a lack of ideas.  I’ve somehow managed to overcome that obstacle.  The Hubs even came up with a few.

But now we need input regarding recognizability, creativeness, and overall awesomeness.  Hold on to your hats, this is about to get good.

Costume Idea 1: Holy Hand Grenade

I'm from a movie

The guy on the right carries coconuts.

Costume Idea 2: Chris O’Donnell quote from Batman Forever

Not sure how to make a costume look rusty

This line is the only thing I remember from Batman Forever. In fact, the Hubs thought I made it up.

Costume Idea 3: Beyonce named her baby Blue Ivy.

The Ivy is dressed like Poison Ivy, from Batman

One person to be blue, one to be Ivy. OR one person could be Blue Ivy, and we can dress up as another celebrity baby. Apple, Blanket? So many possibilites

Costume Idea 4: Name needed

Witch doctor

The witch can or cannot be painted green; doctor props optional

Costume Idea 5:  This is the Hubs Idea; disclaimer needed.

Costume Idea 6:  Another Idea of the Hubs, but I did laugh.

Um, yeah.

Costume Idea 7:  Juicin’ Cows

We might would make some modifications to the milk carton.

So, what do you think?

When picking your favorite, you should consider the following:

  • Can I run in this?
  • Can I ride a bus in this?
  • Is this original/creative etc.
  • Do I get the reference, etc.
  • Any other factors…

Please feel free to use any of these costumes in the race in your city, but let’s coordinate so we don’t show up to the same race in the same costume!


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You know how I said we were addicted…?

Well, Partner and I found a contest to enter.

So we did.

The contest, hosted by SOYJOY required a video showing how you add adventure into your everyday life.  Well, we thought that the most entertaining would be Janelle and Casey.  Although Luna and Ola are quite the adventure, Janelle and Casey do a lot more fun things than me and Ola and Luna.  The girls are actually quite jealous of Casey and complain often that Casey gets to have so much more fun than they do.  I tell them to go to bed.

Whoops, got side-tracked.  Anyway.  We entered the video, and begged you all to vote for us.  And, as you may have seen…

We WON!!!

And what did we win?  A trip to New York to compete in the Great Urban Race Manhattan.  I still can’t believe it. Probably will have a hard time believing it when we are there and trying to figure out what train will take us to 47th street from the Upper West Side.  No, I have no idea if that made any sense.  I’ve got 1 week to study.

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Jessica and the CitySolve Urban Race: San Diego Style

I don’t remember how I first found out about these urban adventure races, but I have wanted to participate in one for at least a year and a half.  For some reason, The Hubs was no where near as interested, and thus, I had yet to compete.

Then, at work, I say, adventure scavenger-hunt, and SUCCESS, clenched a partner.  And a monster was born.

Seriously.  We are addicted.

So July 16, me, Partner and Partner’s Friend (PF) headed to Quality Social downtown, super excited, and a little nervous.  I had read several accounts of these kinds of races, but still had no idea what to expect.  We made sure our pit crew was ready to go, and we waited.

As we were getting our picture taken at the start line, I knocked one of my (fairly) new diamond earrings out of my ear.  They even had screw backs.  Who loses a screw back?  Me.  I do.

Here are the photos taken by Outdoor Outreach.

The race started with a multiple choice question that sent you to a different intersection depending on what you answered.  Our question was “Shortest border of California.” And we started running, confirmed that the answer was Mexico and made it to get our clue sheet.

We went a little down the road and started working on the clues.  I called my family and had them work on where we could find a giant, inflatable pink flamingo.  PF started working on the crossword puzzle and Partner was doing something.  Reading the bonuses or something?  It’s kind of all a daze right now.

Solving the crossword puzzle, we were looking for a place that has 3 of the following words in its name: BACK, COWBOYS, SPURS, SADDLE, GRILL, BARE on E Street.

We also knew from a poem that we needed to find a place on 7th that sold “Island Kitsch”.  We started running and stumbled upon “Mainlanders”.  Took our picture, turned onto E Street and found Bareback Grill.

We also hit up Dublin Square and the Hall of Justice.  We then headed to Hillcrest to visit Bronx Pizza, Porkyland, Urban Mo’s and Arrivederci.

Here I am modeling our amazing t-shirts we made.  Why yes, it does say “Whale’s Vagina.”



Don’t get it?  Watch Anchorman.  It was actually pretty awesome, because there was another team there named Stay Classy and they dressed up as the cast of Anchorman!  Obviously, they won the costume contest.

So, I highly recommend participating in CitySolve Urban Race.  Need a pit crew?  Sign me up!  Seriously, I will happily be your “phone-a-friend,” provided I am not running in the race.


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Pops for Profit

Does selling one order of Cake Pops qualify me as a professional?


Nah.  But these look pretty darn good if I do say so myself.  I tried a couple different decorating styles.  The yellow swirl, we will call these ‘Bee Pops’ is made with yellow candy melts.  The red sparkle are sprinkles, we have some peanuts, and royal icing bows and curlie-ques.

Man, I’m starting to get hungry.  Have I mentioned how terrible baking as a hobby is?  It’s a really bad idea.  I wouldn’t recommend it.


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Wedding Trials II

I bought two new tips to try out for my wedding cupcakes.  I have a lot of practicing to do.  But more about that at another time.  I depleted my egg supply with a run through of the Flourless Chocolate Cupcakes.

The tricky thing with these cakes is that they “fall”.  So, how do you ice these without having too much icing for this really rich cake?

I don’t know.

  These lacy hearts I did completely free hand.  I melted chocolate chips in my handy-dandy candy making squeeze bottles.  I tried a couple of designs just to see what they would look like.  I was pleased with how they turned out and they look extremely elegant for such a fairly simple garnish.  Now, having to do a couple-hundred of these?  The thought makes my hand cramp.  Lucky for me I only need 100!

So what did I learn from this trial?  A few things:

1) Full-powered cream cheese icing is a little much for these fabulous cakes.  Must find something lighter.

2) Chocolate will not survive Rome, Georgia in July.  After being out for 10 or so minutes in my warm kitchen the hearts started to wilt!  Must try Almond Bark.

Successful trial?  I think so!

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Wowsers! I’ve been busy…

July was one crazy month!  And while my friends and family have been “baking” in the squelching heat and humidity I have not been baking in mild San Diego.

Why yes, I do enjoy rubbing it in.

I do hope you all aren’t too disappointed in me, but I have been busy.  Here’s a rundown of my weekends in July:

July 9 –wedding in Georgia  (Ok, here I did bake and in the squelching heat of the south) more on that later

July 16 — CitySolve Urban Race San Diego

July 23 — Comic-Con International, create video for contest

July 30 — CitySolve Urban Race Los Angeles

Needless to say, I have a new hobby.  And I will likely share it here, mostly because I enjoy talking about it and I’m pretty sure The Hubs is tired of hearing about it.  Although he did join us for the race in Los Angeles and totally rocked it.

It's German for San Diego

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My husband is a genius

I went on a baking frenzy before I left California.  It looked like the kitchen threw up cupcakes.  I didn’t take any pictures to share, sorry, but if I did, then I would also have to admit to the giant mess that I left for the hubs to clean up.  (Did I mention that this would be a very hubs-friendly post/).

In preparation of my evening of baking, I took my butter and cream cheese to work with me so that I could remove them from refrigeration and allow them to get to room temperature in order to start baking almost immediately upon returning home.  But I also needed my eggs at room temperature and I forgot to pull those out when I got home.

El Campeon

Although the hubs graciously offered to sit on the eggs to warm them up, he put together this amazing contraption: a water bath.

I exclaimed, “My husband is a genius!”

He said something about getting his Ph.D., I don’t know, I wasn’t really listening, I was t

oo amazed by how easy it was to warm up my eggs, and how I never would have thought of doing that in a million years.  (Although, we should not be surprised by this; I am a mathematician, he’s the scientist.)  Isn’t he cute?


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