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Fight Night

One of the members of the lab hosted a viewing party for the “big” fight Saturday night. The hubs asked if I wanted to make cake pops to take with us. I said I’d bake something.

I had been wanting to try out Bakerella’s USA holiday treats since she first posted. So that’s what I did attempted.

The hubs said it would be good if I made USA cakes and Brazil cakes (since the big fight was USA vs. Brazil).

The first difficulty was determining what flavor of cake to make. I wanted something that would make a good snow cone flavor, but not necessarily an ordinary flavor. That’s when I saw one of those pesky ads on the side of Facebook advertising a margarita cake.


I found this recipe from The Cake Mix Doctor and went with it. I made 24 cupcakes and had batter left over that I put in my mini-heart silicone pans. I made 3 hearts. One of those hearts didn’t even see the frosting (lime cream cheese, to be exact).

The hubs eventually made it home, I had managed to eat another quarter of a heart and licked the frosting beaters while he was out. I iced a bit of the heart and gave it to him to try. “What is the frosting?” he asks. “Just eat it,” I insist.

He does. Said the frosting could use more lime. Several minutes later he says, “You make good cake.” He had finished the heart. I walk over to him with the first empty heart pan and said, “I know.” “You already ate 1 and a half cakes?” “Hey,” I say, “I only ate like a quarter of the second one. I had to see what it tasted like with the frosting.”

I never mentioned the beaters.

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Pops for Profit

Does selling one order of Cake Pops qualify me as a professional?


Nah.  But these look pretty darn good if I do say so myself.  I tried a couple different decorating styles.  The yellow swirl, we will call these ‘Bee Pops’ is made with yellow candy melts.  The red sparkle are sprinkles, we have some peanuts, and royal icing bows and curlie-ques.

Man, I’m starting to get hungry.  Have I mentioned how terrible baking as a hobby is?  It’s a really bad idea.  I wouldn’t recommend it.


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Wedding Trials II

I bought two new tips to try out for my wedding cupcakes.  I have a lot of practicing to do.  But more about that at another time.  I depleted my egg supply with a run through of the Flourless Chocolate Cupcakes.

The tricky thing with these cakes is that they “fall”.  So, how do you ice these without having too much icing for this really rich cake?

I don’t know.

  These lacy hearts I did completely free hand.  I melted chocolate chips in my handy-dandy candy making squeeze bottles.  I tried a couple of designs just to see what they would look like.  I was pleased with how they turned out and they look extremely elegant for such a fairly simple garnish.  Now, having to do a couple-hundred of these?  The thought makes my hand cramp.  Lucky for me I only need 100!

So what did I learn from this trial?  A few things:

1) Full-powered cream cheese icing is a little much for these fabulous cakes.  Must find something lighter.

2) Chocolate will not survive Rome, Georgia in July.  After being out for 10 or so minutes in my warm kitchen the hearts started to wilt!  Must try Almond Bark.

Successful trial?  I think so!

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My husband is a genius

I went on a baking frenzy before I left California.  It looked like the kitchen threw up cupcakes.  I didn’t take any pictures to share, sorry, but if I did, then I would also have to admit to the giant mess that I left for the hubs to clean up.  (Did I mention that this would be a very hubs-friendly post/).

In preparation of my evening of baking, I took my butter and cream cheese to work with me so that I could remove them from refrigeration and allow them to get to room temperature in order to start baking almost immediately upon returning home.  But I also needed my eggs at room temperature and I forgot to pull those out when I got home.

El Campeon

Although the hubs graciously offered to sit on the eggs to warm them up, he put together this amazing contraption: a water bath.

I exclaimed, “My husband is a genius!”

He said something about getting his Ph.D., I don’t know, I wasn’t really listening, I was t

oo amazed by how easy it was to warm up my eggs, and how I never would have thought of doing that in a million years.  (Although, we should not be surprised by this; I am a mathematician, he’s the scientist.)  Isn’t he cute?


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Hello my name is L-A-Z-Y

Hello my name is L-A-Z-Y

This is my excuse for a birthday cake for my brother.

At least I used a decorative plate.

As it is nothing to brag about, lets talk about something else.  I went to a meeting of the San Diego Cake Club this month.  I learned that the San Diego County Fair has a cake decorating competition…among every other competition that you can think of.  Which, never having attended a County Fair (at least, that I can remember, which isn’t really saying much–I have recently learned that I remember very little), I found this very cool!  I did not sign up for the cake decorating, but I am definitely considering entering one or some of the One day entries, which requires no advance sign-up.  Not to mention that entering a competition is pretty scary for having no idea what I am doing.

Side note–I’m watching an episode of bones, and Booth and Bones are sitting on a bench on the mall–in the distance you can see the Lincoln Memorial.  I think they are using a green screen.

The hubs is in New Orleans this weekend.  I told him it would be a sin to not have a beignet while he is there.  I’m sure he won’t be bringing me one, so we’ll just feast our eyes on a picture I found on the internet.  Thank you, Carmen.

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Baby on the Way

NO!  You crazy kids!  This is not an announcement for anything other than this cookie bouquet that I made for one of the attorneys I worked with to celebrate her soon-to-be baby boy.


I learned from this bouquet how amazingly awesome Royal Icing is.  Royal icing can perform different functions, all depending on the thickness of the consistency.   Have you seen cookies that look like the icing is painted on?  That is probably Royal icing.  And decorating your cookies to have that fresh paint look is actually simple! 

What you need:

Royal icing medium consistency:  Your icing should be spreadable, but not runny.  You want the icing to hold its shape when using a piping bag. 

Royal icing thin: Your icing should ooze.  You want it to spread with only a little assistance– you will guide the icing to fill the space. 

Pipe a border on your cookie (or whatever you are decorating) using the medium consistency icing.  Then you pour the thin Royal icing into the frame.  The border will allow you to color within the lines.  It’s just coloring!

P.S.: A bouquet like this would look fabulous in a diaper bag or other baby-like container as a shower gift.  Cute!

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Tulips, two lips, trouty lips

    This picture is blurry.

  David (my brother, for those of you who didn’t know, or forgot) says that is why my cake pops look ridiculous when you put them next to the likes of Bakerella and The Cake Poppery.  But oh well.  They taste good, and you really can’t capture taste on camera, no matter how awesome your Nikon is.

 Technically I should not call these cake pops.  They are made with brownies.  Though, I do think I followed the “cake-like” recipe, which I normally don’t like.  Wait a second, I don’t think I actually made the brownies, I think the hubs did!  That actually makes more sense.  He would make cake like brownies.  I would make cake.  And brownies.  And then top the cake with brownies, with a nice layer of icing in the middle.  And on top.  And all around.

And then go lay down and grown groan* awhile because my stomach hurts because I had a piece of brownie cake, and then another one because it tasted so good, and then the piece of brownie that fell off, and see this never ending tale?  It’s probably a good thing that the hubs bought some mint flavored candy melts while he was at Henry’s last night–the cashier asked him if he had the munchies because he had bought: gummy sour straws, gummy bears, brownie bites, candy melts, pita bread and strawberries.  He went in to buy fruit.

Anyway, the hubs bought mint flavored candy melts, and I don’t really like mint in my desserts.  He was so excited when he got in the car; the dogs and I stayed in the car while he ran into Henry’s.  “I got mint flavored candy melts,” he said.  “I don’t like mint,” I said.  “But I do.”

Sigh.  I guess I have to make some mint flavored cake pops now.

Meanwhile, I got some mini Easter cookie cutters and made a good luck bouquet for a co-worker’s last day.  Cookie cutters are a very easy way to make shapes out of your cake balls.  Grease your cookie cutters and press the cake ball in, pull off the excess cake, pack and push the shape back out.  

These would be more complete with some leaves.  Maybe next time.

*Although, now that I think about it, my stomach probably would grow after eating all that dessert…


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