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Whale’s Vagina is at it again

Whale’s Vagina is at it again

After an unintended retirement, Whale’s Vagina has brought in a new boy to try out the latest in adventure racing, Cotopaxi’s Questival.  Cotopaxi has put together a giant list of challenges to complete over a period of 24 hours.  Check out our Instagram, @racewhalesvagina, Snap @travelbugsd, or my personal Facebook jessica.grundy.7 to join in on the fun.  Help us out by liking our #Questival posts.

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July Half Marathon–Shoreline, by the numbers

Alarm: 4:10 am

Miles driven: 318

Run start: 8:00 am

Temperature at start: 68 F, felt like a million

Articles of clothing sweat through: 5

Shot blocks consumed: 5

Uncomfortable chafed spots: 3

Sexy lifeguards on course: 2

Medical tents on course: 0

Number of times vomited: 0

Number of times I thought I was going to vomit: 13.1

Girlfriends running: 4

I always forget to check and see if I'm holding my medal the right way.

I always forget to check and see if I’m holding my medal the right way.

Chip time: 2:47:24


St. Jude Hero’s Singlet–donate here.

Pink nike shorts

Maroon and orange tu-tu

Bondi band

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January Half–Tinker Bell

I started the year out in style with the Tinker Bell Half Marathon at Disneyland in Anaheim, California.  This time last year I was running my first ever half marathon.

I love the runDisney programs.  They put on a well-supported, well-volunteered, fun race.  The race medals are impressive, to say the least.

I ran most of the race with my girlfriend from New York running in her first ever half marathon.  Another girlfriend of mine spent the weekend with us, but we she is crazy fast and crossed the 10K marker well before we even hit the 5k.

We dressed as PNK sisters from Monster’s University.  I LOVE dressing up.


Outfit components:

Champion Sports Bra

Champion Cheerleading Shirt (which I bought in the girls’ section at Target—I can’t believe my boobs fit in it)

Nike running shorts

Pink feather boa tu-tu skirt

pink furry leg warmers

Bondi band

Pink wig

IMAG1097 IMAG1098 IMAG1102

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Run Forest, Run

I have decided to run a half marathon every month this year.  Call it what you will: 12 in ’14, a New Year’s Resolution, crazy.  All are likely accurate.  I’m not one for setting New Year’s resolutions, and this particular goal is not something that will be easy to break.  Why is it that New Year’s Resolutions are easy to break?

Why am I doing this?  Well, really, just because.  I want to stay in running shape.  Having a set plan for 13.1 miles will make that easier.  I want to be able to run a long distance.  I want to be able to improve my speed. The added bonus of getting to travel just makes it more enticing. So here’s the current 13.1 year plan:

January- Tinker Bell, Anaheim
February- San Dieguito, San Diego
March- San Diego
April- San Francisco Rock & Roll
May – Cleveland, Ohio
June – San Diego Rock & Roll
July – Stonewall Peak, Julian, CA Shoreline Half Marathon, Ventura
August – Hell of a Half, Exeter, CA Disneyland Dumbo Doubledare, Anaheim
September – Harvest, Ventura, CA
October – Los Angeles Rock & Roll
November – Avengers, Anaheim
December – Undecided. Considering the Jeff Galloway in Atlanta, or the Holiday Half in San Diego.

What are you running this year? Care to join me for a half marathon?


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What you’ve been missing in life

A blog post from yours truly.

Well this surely ain’t it.  And don’t call me Shirley.

Guess what I’ve entered?  Another contest.  And I could win $3,000.  Well, me and partner that is.  So, go here.  Vote for Whale’s V.  Tweet.  We need  your help!



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Race Run Down

Race Run Down

So Partner and I have done a lot of races and I have shared nothing.  Probably better for you all, but tough luck.

So, I’m going to give you a brief run down.  Mostly because it’s been so long that I really don’t remember much of anything more than “Yup, did that one!”  But also because, well how much do you really want to read we solved this clue and went here.  Then this one and went here.  So, following is my attempt to spare you.

Jessica and the CitySolve Urban Race Los Angeles Partner and I are officially a traveling team. Somehow, we convinced the Hubs Sir Sweets to participate.  Good thing he did, he had to push me up a hill. Seriously.  We didn’t take the shortest route to 2nd.  Although, it did allow us to stop at the Disney Concert Hall and convince strangers to spell SILVERSCREEN with their bodies.

We proceeded to the bar we were originally headed to to complete our blind pictionary task.  Though, I prefer to call it Sensosketch.  Got on the underground Metro thingy they have in LA, lost phone service, I solved a cypher clue.  Finished 12th, got bumped up to 6th.

Jessica vs. Manhattan (Great Urban Race)  I sincerely apologize for not writing about the trip partner and I won to New York sooner.  I know you have been dying to hear about it ever since I posted our award-winning video.  And now all you get is a blurb!   We should have bought the 7 day subway pass.  We solved some clues. Didn’t understand uptown vs. downtown. Partner would call it utter failure.  I declare a rematch.

Jessica vs. Pacific Beach Urban Dare  This one we totally rocked.  I had done a ridiculous amount of preparation.  We immediately left starting line to catch a bus to a park a little ways north.  We stopped at the statue we had to find (knew where it was due to my preparation), then went to the park.  Here is where we messed up.  We had most of the clues solved (with the help of Sir Sweets via phone), but one was giving us trouble.  We decided to go ahead and head back south to get started on some of the clues.  Turns out that clue was EVEN FARTHER NORTH.  And this time we had no luck catching a bus.

Jessica vs. CityScape SD  This one was too much “find vintage clothing”, “find a coke bottle” than solving a clue that took you to a specific place to satisfy my clue solving urge.  So, yeah.

Jessica vs. San Diego GUR  Here I met LMFAO (sort of), we made an awesome run to the bus, rode a two-person bike, ate some gelato, and partner had to wear stinky boxing gloves.  Finished top 25 (23, I think) but opted out of going to championships in New Orleans.




Jessica vs. Sin City  CitySolve Urban Race 2011 Championship Race.  Las Vegas, NV.  Very cool.  Met some fun people, ran a decent race, (ok, probably below average), bummed we didn’t consider anywhere off the strip besides downtown.  Partner wouldn’t take me to Thunder Down Under.  Oh, but she did take me to get some yummy cupcakes.


Don't quit your day job

This concludes season 1.  Thanks for watching!

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Fight Night

One of the members of the lab hosted a viewing party for the “big” fight Saturday night. The hubs asked if I wanted to make cake pops to take with us. I said I’d bake something.

I had been wanting to try out Bakerella’s USA holiday treats since she first posted. So that’s what I did attempted.

The hubs said it would be good if I made USA cakes and Brazil cakes (since the big fight was USA vs. Brazil).

The first difficulty was determining what flavor of cake to make. I wanted something that would make a good snow cone flavor, but not necessarily an ordinary flavor. That’s when I saw one of those pesky ads on the side of Facebook advertising a margarita cake.


I found this recipe from The Cake Mix Doctor and went with it. I made 24 cupcakes and had batter left over that I put in my mini-heart silicone pans. I made 3 hearts. One of those hearts didn’t even see the frosting (lime cream cheese, to be exact).

The hubs eventually made it home, I had managed to eat another quarter of a heart and licked the frosting beaters while he was out. I iced a bit of the heart and gave it to him to try. “What is the frosting?” he asks. “Just eat it,” I insist.

He does. Said the frosting could use more lime. Several minutes later he says, “You make good cake.” He had finished the heart. I walk over to him with the first empty heart pan and said, “I know.” “You already ate 1 and a half cakes?” “Hey,” I say, “I only ate like a quarter of the second one. I had to see what it tasted like with the frosting.”

I never mentioned the beaters.

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