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06 Feb

Ok Friends,

Race season is kicking off soon and we are having a bit of a difficulty deciding on a costume.  First it was because of a lack of ideas.  I’ve somehow managed to overcome that obstacle.  The Hubs even came up with a few.

But now we need input regarding recognizability, creativeness, and overall awesomeness.  Hold on to your hats, this is about to get good.

Costume Idea 1: Holy Hand Grenade

I'm from a movie

The guy on the right carries coconuts.

Costume Idea 2: Chris O’Donnell quote from Batman Forever

Not sure how to make a costume look rusty

This line is the only thing I remember from Batman Forever. In fact, the Hubs thought I made it up.

Costume Idea 3: Beyonce named her baby Blue Ivy.

The Ivy is dressed like Poison Ivy, from Batman

One person to be blue, one to be Ivy. OR one person could be Blue Ivy, and we can dress up as another celebrity baby. Apple, Blanket? So many possibilites

Costume Idea 4: Name needed

Witch doctor

The witch can or cannot be painted green; doctor props optional

Costume Idea 5:  This is the Hubs Idea; disclaimer needed.

Costume Idea 6:  Another Idea of the Hubs, but I did laugh.

Um, yeah.

Costume Idea 7:  Juicin’ Cows

We might would make some modifications to the milk carton.

So, what do you think?

When picking your favorite, you should consider the following:

  • Can I run in this?
  • Can I ride a bus in this?
  • Is this original/creative etc.
  • Do I get the reference, etc.
  • Any other factors…

Please feel free to use any of these costumes in the race in your city, but let’s coordinate so we don’t show up to the same race in the same costume!


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