Jessica and the CitySolve Urban Race: San Diego Style

13 Aug

I don’t remember how I first found out about these urban adventure races, but I have wanted to participate in one for at least a year and a half.  For some reason, The Hubs was no where near as interested, and thus, I had yet to compete.

Then, at work, I say, adventure scavenger-hunt, and SUCCESS, clenched a partner.  And a monster was born.

Seriously.  We are addicted.

So July 16, me, Partner and Partner’s Friend (PF) headed to Quality Social downtown, super excited, and a little nervous.  I had read several accounts of these kinds of races, but still had no idea what to expect.  We made sure our pit crew was ready to go, and we waited.

As we were getting our picture taken at the start line, I knocked one of my (fairly) new diamond earrings out of my ear.  They even had screw backs.  Who loses a screw back?  Me.  I do.

Here are the photos taken by Outdoor Outreach.

The race started with a multiple choice question that sent you to a different intersection depending on what you answered.  Our question was “Shortest border of California.” And we started running, confirmed that the answer was Mexico and made it to get our clue sheet.

We went a little down the road and started working on the clues.  I called my family and had them work on where we could find a giant, inflatable pink flamingo.  PF started working on the crossword puzzle and Partner was doing something.  Reading the bonuses or something?  It’s kind of all a daze right now.

Solving the crossword puzzle, we were looking for a place that has 3 of the following words in its name: BACK, COWBOYS, SPURS, SADDLE, GRILL, BARE on E Street.

We also knew from a poem that we needed to find a place on 7th that sold “Island Kitsch”.  We started running and stumbled upon “Mainlanders”.  Took our picture, turned onto E Street and found Bareback Grill.

We also hit up Dublin Square and the Hall of Justice.  We then headed to Hillcrest to visit Bronx Pizza, Porkyland, Urban Mo’s and Arrivederci.

Here I am modeling our amazing t-shirts we made.  Why yes, it does say “Whale’s Vagina.”



Don’t get it?  Watch Anchorman.  It was actually pretty awesome, because there was another team there named Stay Classy and they dressed up as the cast of Anchorman!  Obviously, they won the costume contest.

So, I highly recommend participating in CitySolve Urban Race.  Need a pit crew?  Sign me up!  Seriously, I will happily be your “phone-a-friend,” provided I am not running in the race.


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Posted by on August 13, 2011 in Urban Adventure Racing


One response to “Jessica and the CitySolve Urban Race: San Diego Style

  1. Spartan300workout

    August 16, 2011 at 11:05 pm

    I love the shirts, I saw some of the pics here and it looks that the participants really enjoy the race. Congratulations to all for a job well done. Looking forward always.


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