Hello my name is L-A-Z-Y

15 May
Hello my name is L-A-Z-Y

This is my excuse for a birthday cake for my brother.

At least I used a decorative plate.

As it is nothing to brag about, lets talk about something else.  I went to a meeting of the San Diego Cake Club this month.  I learned that the San Diego County Fair has a cake decorating competition…among every other competition that you can think of.  Which, never having attended a County Fair (at least, that I can remember, which isn’t really saying much–I have recently learned that I remember very little), I found this very cool!  I did not sign up for the cake decorating, but I am definitely considering entering one or some of the One day entries, which requires no advance sign-up.  Not to mention that entering a competition is pretty scary for having no idea what I am doing.

Side note–I’m watching an episode of bones, and Booth and Bones are sitting on a bench on the mall–in the distance you can see the Lincoln Memorial.  I think they are using a green screen.

The hubs is in New Orleans this weekend.  I told him it would be a sin to not have a beignet while he is there.  I’m sure he won’t be bringing me one, so we’ll just feast our eyes on a picture I found on the internet.  Thank you, Carmen.

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One response to “Hello my name is L-A-Z-Y

  1. Ronda

    May 15, 2011 at 12:30 pm

    Gwinnett County Fair, at the Fairgrounds on Sugarloaf at least once!! Probably went to Cumberland County Fair, in NC too . . . .but you would probably only remember Toadsuck Festival!! LOL The most memorable . . . we just happened to drive by and stop!!

    That picture of the beignets reminds me of the sopapillas at Pancho’s in Bossier City,LA!!


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