Baby on the Way

10 May

NO!  You crazy kids!  This is not an announcement for anything other than this cookie bouquet that I made for one of the attorneys I worked with to celebrate her soon-to-be baby boy.


I learned from this bouquet how amazingly awesome Royal Icing is.  Royal icing can perform different functions, all depending on the thickness of the consistency.   Have you seen cookies that look like the icing is painted on?  That is probably Royal icing.  And decorating your cookies to have that fresh paint look is actually simple! 

What you need:

Royal icing medium consistency:  Your icing should be spreadable, but not runny.  You want the icing to hold its shape when using a piping bag. 

Royal icing thin: Your icing should ooze.  You want it to spread with only a little assistance– you will guide the icing to fill the space. 

Pipe a border on your cookie (or whatever you are decorating) using the medium consistency icing.  Then you pour the thin Royal icing into the frame.  The border will allow you to color within the lines.  It’s just coloring!

P.S.: A bouquet like this would look fabulous in a diaper bag or other baby-like container as a shower gift.  Cute!

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Posted by on May 10, 2011 in Freshly Baked, Pops


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